About Us

Roal company it is an enterprise that was created in 2000 as a distribution firm. Since than, our company has grown by expanding its activity every year.
Roal food imports food products  under exclusive rights from different countries : Austria, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Egypt, etc.
Partnerships have always been a very strong focus point of Roal Food, so in 2006 it started official collaboration with Spak company located in Austria.

In 2008 the collaborations were extended by earning the exclusivity of the products in Slovenian companies Atlantic Group and Zito, with the brands Argeta and Maestro.
Success and hard work of the staff, has built a highly respected name throughout the region.
In 2009, another  company from Slovenia “Ljubjanska MLEKARNA” started collaboration with Roal Food. Slovenian company offers a very popular product in Europe, branding Alpsko.

After earning the right experiences that are needed in this field of business for Albanian market,  Roal Food launches its private branding product, cheese sprean named Galinjia (product imported from Egypt).

The year 2012 was another very successful year for Roal Food since the well-known Spanish company Leche Pascual  started collaboration with our company by offering to the Albanian market  yoghurts of all kinds .
Roal Food distributes products that are suitable for the  Albanian market.

In 2013 our company earned the exclusivity of  Soygit Group’ products  imported from Turkey  with the famous brand Kent Boringer . The year 2014 reserved another pleasant collaboration  with the company Vital.
Since partnerships are an important part of our work  we are very much focused on creating more collaborations  to provide to the Albanian market various products with high quality.

One of the latest collaboration is with Midav company  from Morocco which provides  canned sardines.
Roal Food is willing to continue his business by distributing  everywhere products with the best quality in Albanian market.

The wide range of our products are separated in three  different profiles, which are :

1.Powder conservation products which include :soup ,stocks, vegeta , different  spices etc.
2.Liquid conservation products which are : mayonnaise, ketchup , mustard , pate,  different sauces.
3.Milk product, yougurt,cheese spread…etc